08 Mar 2015

Head Scarves – The perfect Summer accessory !

Let’s face it: We don’t all wake up like this . No matter how hard we try or how much time we spend prepping, we’re usually too lazy to attempt much of anything with our hair.           Lucky for us, head scarves are a totally acceptable...
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fashion for women
23 Feb 2015

DIY : Make your scarf a jacket !

The best thing about scarves, there is so much so one can do with them ! All you need is a scarf with the appropriate fabric and the right style wear. Cotton? suitable in the spring or the summer; not exactly the best to beat the chill as in winters though. Crazy to think just a...
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16 Feb 2015

Instant Hijab! Effortless and Simple !

Basic is extremely stylish with this premium medium-weight colorful jersey that just clings to the head effortlessly. The Premium Cotton Jersey materials have a beautiful drape that has just the right amount of stretch for a flattering fit. These hijabs define great comfy with a...
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blue kaftan
11 Jan 2015

Blogger Review :

There’s no doubt about it that a scarf is a super chic accessory that can instantly transform your outfit. Whether you wear it around you neck or around your head, there are innumerable ways to wear one as you may have seen in the infamous video by fashion blogger Wendy....
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10 Dec 2014

Kaftan: Easy elegance this Holiday Season

This holiday season look effortlessly chic by just sporting a simply elegant Kaftan. Pair it with any comfy leggings or jeggings and accessorize it with some simple hand and ear ornaments. Whatever your style, you’ll be sure to find a kaftan on S&G to suit your style....
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10 Nov 2014

Wear scarves a new way everyday this Summer !

Wearing scarves is definitely fashionable, so this summer is not the different .The summer scarves creates a simple and very affordable way to dress up your summer wardrobe. Comfy and casual outfits: a T-shirt , shorts, simple dresses , jeans can simply be dressed up with a...
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fashion accessory
29 Oct 2014

Scarf as a Belt !

No belt, No problem! Grab a scarf and pull it through your belt loops!   Steps 1. Spread a square scarf on flat surface so that it is in the shape of a diamond. 2. Fold the scarf over, bringing the bottom point toward the top point, stopping just above the middle of the...
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